Thursday, April 26, 2012

For Revisions Sake!

So just as I finish up the fourth draft, and take a leap of faith and send off one query, I come up with an annoyingly great idea. An idea that will require at least another week of revisions (she says, steam pouring from her ears).

This whole thing started with a dream last night. I'll admit, I'm a little bit of a geek. So, of course, I'm one of the many subjects of Geek God, Joss Whedon. With the new Avengers movie coming out, I decided to revisit Buffy. The first episode and Buffy's introduction to Sunnydale reminded me so much of my character's plight. The dream had nothing to do with the plot or the show, but it did have to do with querying (Which does tie in to the Joss Whedon thing, I promise). In my dream, I queried an agent who suggested I send my work to a different agent he was sure would love it.

As things go with dreams, I didn't remember this name until later this morning. My first thought was "Yeah, right, this is so not his thing. Mr. Agent is too cool for this." So I pushed it out of my mind (You see, he isn't just cool, he's, like, Joss Whedon cool).

Anyway, I decided to do a little research on Mr. Agent and realized that there were some things we had in common. Number one is our fave author. That still wasn't enough to convince me, I couldn't justify putting that in the query letter because her writing and my manuscript aren't much alike. She's just awesome. And while we both agree on that, it's not enough to warrant us working together. So I read his Literary Rambles entry and any other interviews I could find. I finally did a quick review of his bio on the agency website and found a little disclaimer that gave me somewhat of an angle. It's a weak angle, but an angle nonetheless.

So I'm sitting there, personalizing the query, coaching myself to just get on with it. Send it and see what happens (even though I promised in my last post I wasn't sending anything else until I've determined the result of my first one :P). And, all of a sudden, I get this idea. One that will make the plot so much  better. More realistic, but not change it too much. The revision involves turning one character into a group of characters (I'll be using inspiration from another dream for this part). I'll also be giving another character more face time. I'm getting started on it today.

Wish me luck :)


  1. Sending luck, and go for it, sending the query because nothing ventured nothing will be gained.