Saturday, May 26, 2012

Balance in the Universe

Here's a little update.

8 Queries Sent
1 Full Request
2 Rejections

The rejections both came in last night and, I have to say, they didn't hurt as much as I (hoped/thought/expected?) they would. The thing is I was pretty sure both of those agents wouldn't be interested.

The first one was an agent who is interested in Urban Fantasy but tends to lean more toward Literary Fiction. The second was my dream agent (for another WIP). He tends to lean more toward SciFi. That one was really supposed to sting, but maybe because I knew in my gut it wasn't the right manuscript for him, it didn't.

I've done my research, whittled it down and there are six more agents who could potentially be interested in my work. I don't want to go Query Crazy, sending mass queries to every agent who lists Urban Fantasy in their 'what I'm looking for' section. I think that's counter productive.

Snagging an agent is like choosing the right hair dresser (Yeah, I cut hair. Let me cut yours), babysitter (Sure, kids are are cool. I'll watch yours) or even life partner (Sure, I like women. Let's spend our lives together). Not that simple.

Yes, to me choosing an agent, even just the ones I will let look at my work, is a really big deal. It's a pretty intimate relationship. They are judging and potentially representing some work that, up until two years ago, not a single soul was allowed to see.

That's why, of the 1000+ agents I've heard of (and that's just on Query Tracker), I've on chosen 14 potential. And if I'm being honest only 12 of them are really appropriate for this particular manuscript. I won't send anymore than that. Unless a new agent comes to my attention that could really be interested, I don't see the point.

I think the hardest thing for a writer is to let go, when it's time. I've read so many comments from writers who have been querying certain works for months and months. Sending queries to dozens and dozens of agents, with no positive results. For me, that will be a sign that my work isn't marketable. To move on to the next thing. Which, luckily, I've already done.

When you can easily let go, it makes the process more fun. I really, really enjoy writing. So much that I'm not pushy about it. I write what interests me. When that's over (the interest, not necessarily the manuscript), I write something else. I'm not stuck to one genre. I don't follow trends. And, I can't believe I'm saying this but, I no longer get attached.

When it comes to writing you've got to find the right balance. You've got to try not to be obsessive. Try not to plan too much (i.e. Try not to dream about your rise to fame and fortune). Don't expect too much. That's not to say don't be confident. Confidence is key. no one can send a query without confidence!

To be honest, I think what's keeping me sane through this process that I was so, so afraid of is the fact that I didn't set expectations. I just took the chance.

Because the Universe is naturally balanced, I know that if I write a novel and it's meant to be shared with the world, it's going to happen. If not, well then at least I had the experience of writing it. And, well, that was always the point, right? At least for me, the experience is the fun part.

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  1. The query process is always so crazy (LOL). But I'm so happy for your request. Sorry about the "R's" but it's best to get them out of the way now. ((HUGS)).