Monday, August 22, 2011

SWC Day 6: Burning Out! Oh, no!

Yes, it's true. Today was a horrific, painful writing day. It all started with an impromptu agent search. I guess I got a little too excited about the story and started searching for agents who may be interested (for when I get to that stage). Well, the search turned into hours of reading about a perfect agent with a heavy hand for rejections.

I was, needlesly, bummed. I get like that sometimes. That I-stink-at-this-why-am-I-doing-this attitude takes over and completely derails me.

I had a thought about querying today and I'm starting to think it's all about luck. It's a formula that can't be duplicated. In short, getting an agent is as lucky as winning the lottery. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm starting to believe that it all comes down to timing and mood. Sure, there's a little bit of talent thrown in there, that's a given, but how much of it is just plain luck?

If you query the perfect agent on a bad day, how does that affect your chances? If he's seen sixty query letters about werewolves and they've all sucked, the next time he sees Urban Fantasy or Werewolf or 120, 000 words isn't he going to be like, 'hell, no I'm not putting myself through that again'.

On the other hand if he's been looking for a story about a twelve year old spy and not one has crossed his desk, even if the one that finally does comes in the form of a crappily put together query, might he take a look anyway?

These are all just random thoughts on my journey to the inevitable. Eventually, I'll have to put fingers to the keyboard and start the dreaded query and even worse hit send!

Sorry for the rant, today's just one of those days when I'm wondering if I'll ever take this writing thing past the challenge of finishing a book!'s the SWC Day 6 update. I quit early, due to all the jumbled thoughts, but I'm still making progress!

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