Tuesday, August 16, 2011

(End of) Summer Writing Challenge

In the past few days, I had an idea for a new novel. The one I mentioned in my last post that is going to be set in Toronto. After some brainstorming and advice seeking I've decided to abandon YA (not completely, never!) and pursue Middle Grade a little more seriously. With the help of my ten year old, I'm writing this new WIP and pitting myself against a deadline.

It's back to school for me in a few weeks. I'll be pursuing a one year grad certificate by correspondance. So, although I'll be able to do some creative writing during the time I would normally be travelling on the TTC, I still don't want to overwhelm myself.

My goal is to finish this new WIP by the end of the summer. That's fifteen days. Eighteen, if you count the holiday weekend. We plotted the entire thing last night (so much fun by the way!) and came out around fourteen chapters. Based on experience, I'm assuming it'll round out somewhere beween 16 and 18 chapters. So that works out to about a chapter a day.

I'm going to be really ambitious and set a goal to write 5000 words per day. That's about two chapters, or a little less, based on a goal of 3000 words per chapter.

This is my summer challenge. Crazily, taken on at the END of the summer.

Here's my progress so far:

2750 / 40000

Wish me luck!

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