Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home Town Pride

I recently completed my latest, WIP. Okay, so I have a lot more work to do as far bulking and editing is concerned. It's not polished, but it is complete. Anyway, I've decided that I need to start reppin' the Tdot. So my latest WIP, that came to me about an hour ago, is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I've lived in the city for eleven years so there will be a lot less research required for this one. Maybe that will make writing it a breeze!

A picture of our skyline before the rain (taken off my balcony a few minutes ago)


  1. Our city is beautiful and I was thinking that the other day why I don't write a novel set in my hometown? Your right that would make the research a bit easier, for me I find it sad all my WIP is set in the united States, but it also reflects our country that needs to appreciate artist. Many opportunities I feel is in America in regards to agents, and the big publishing houses that's the reality.

  2. I completely agree, which is why this WIP will likely not be subbed in Canada. But I think that applies worldwide. Most of the major pubs are in the US. If you want to be recognized internationally, that's the place to be.

    I think Canada's a pretty artsy country, the problem is that the Canadian industry tends to focus on a select few--and is partial to literary and historical fiction.

    I'm taking a huge chance basing this story in Canada, but I hope who ever reads it will be able to see the characters and not the city. Or even better, see the city as one of the characters!