Friday, September 10, 2010

First Novel Complete :o)


The novel, which five years ago was a dream, and just four weeks ago the scattered pieces to a jigsaw puzzle, is now officially complete (well the first draft anyway).

And now for the month off; the month to gain perspective. During this month I've decided to read anything and everything that is currently popular in my genre. I'll also be doing a lot of research on what those reading my genre don't like, what they found annoying about the currently popular novels, what was missing and of course what they loved.

Lots of reading and even more research should keep my mind off my book and hopefully help me fight the urge to go back and start editing again.

I figured now is as good a time as any to make this pledge; a pledge that I hope will help me stay on course in the fight to fulfill my dream of becoming a successful novelist.

I hereby pledge to share my entire journey (heartbreak, rejection and all) with anyone who might be reading. From beginning to end, Kelbian Noel's journey to becoming a novelist: to whatever and wherever it leads her.

I hope blogging will help me stay on track and keep on keeping on despite any disappointment(s). Rejection is a scary thing, but its inevitable for any writer. And so I take the plunge.

Then...when I am the previously mentioned successful novelist you'll be able to say you kinda knew her when... ;)

Wish me luck...

Thanks, I'm gonna need it!

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