Monday, August 16, 2010


So yes, my Blacks-in-television rant has yet to see its end.

While doing my daughter's hair last night, we were watching a show on the Family Channel called Good Luck Charlie. I was appalled (disgusted, frustrated, pissed off, annoyed and whole lot of other things) by the role the only black character in the show (as far as I know) played:

A teenage girl who doesn't give a damn about her education, gets overly excited about a B grade that she doesn't think she deserves and ultimately changes a B into a D so that her mother doesn't end up having high expectations, while her White friend scolded her about the importance of taking her education seriously.


That character undermined everything I've ever taught my own children about education. It was insensitive, stereotypical and downright uncalled for.

Let me clarify that despite what race this child is, a character like that has no place in a children's show in this day and age. The fact that she is a SHE and is BLACK made it that much worse. It's safe to say that this show has officially gone on the "Do Not Watch" list.

Raven Goodwin plays another character on the show HUGE which I have yet to check out. I hope it does her more justice than this role though, because to be quite honest it is a shameful role to play. I understand the importance of getting paid but at what expense? She's a beautiful girl with enough talent to be a hell of a role model. Hopefully she'll leave this role behind very soon!

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