Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Progressive Television

An issue close to my heart (burning in it and causing the occasionally rant), is the presence of Blacks on television. It's always bothered me that the only shows portraying Blacks were comedies containing (but of course not limited to) a lot of buffoonery. Or even worse as the 'token Black' in any given show. Or the boyfriend of the white girl next door. I'm all for interracial relationships, love is love, but when it comes to television can't we mix it up a bit? Maybe show a functional Black couple once in a while?

I loved Sam and Naomi together. They're both beautiful, intelligent and successful. I just wish Shonda could have let them be functional for a decent amount of time. The demise of Eggs and Tara was also a shame and left me almost (but not quite) as devastated as Tara.

When Soul Food came out years ago, a lot of us were satisfied. It was, as far as I know, unprecedented and although it dealt with some deep seeded and sometimes over the top drama (what hour long drama doesn't) it was real, for most of us.

While scrolling through Fall Previews last night, I noticed a new show. It wasn't the description that caught my eye, it was the billing. Not the producer, or director either but the actors in the leading roles:

Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw

I'm very, very excited to see this show. I'm a big TV buff and also a pretty harsh critic. But I'll be honest, if this show sucks (although considering the creator's cred it likely won't) I'll still watch, just on principle alone! And even if they turn to be a not so functional couple (based on the description its likely), at least they'll still be in the leading roles of an action drama, so it'll be worth the sacrifice!

Congrats Boris and Gugu! Please make us proud!

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