Sunday, July 25, 2010


In her recent Writer's Digest Interview, Kirby Larson stated "You do need an agent and you do need to promote your work, but don't even thing about sending your manuscript anywhere until it's been read by someone who secretly hates your guts." This advice she placed as number eight on her top ten list of Things Every Aspiring Writer Should Know.

I did the inevitable a few moments ago. I sent unfinished creative work to ten different readers asking for their honest opinion. I've never let anyone read my creative writing before; unless it was created for academic purposes. What I just sent out, to the people I few as the best critics I currently know personally, was not.

The ten people I chose represent the many different sides to my Gemini personality.

My brothers and sister; who know me very well.

The fathers of my two children who know me (almost) equally as well but different sides of me and at different periods in my life.

Two of my very good friends who know the unequivocal feminine side of me.

My long time internet buddy, who really only knows what I'm willing to reveal to him at any point in time.

And a former classmate who knows the more serious, academic side of me.

I don't know if any of these people secretly hate me, but I suppose it doesn't really matter because they're all going to have their unbiased opinions about my work. They're going to be completely honest with me (whether I want them to or not)

And I'm about to find out whether or not I've really got something.

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