Sunday, May 23, 2010


I've debated about pressing (hot combing) my daughters hair for a little while now. She's going to be nine in a couple of weeks and she's a bit of a tomboy (her hairstyles almost never stay in tact!) so I figured pressing might not be a bad idea.

Her hair is fairly thick and she's got quite a bit of length, but its layered so when its in its completely natural state it doesn't usually stay neat looking until the end of the day.

Today I took the plunge. I decided to give the pressing a try and it turned out well. Not very, very straight (which I'm happy about) just easier to comb through and a little more length so that all the layers easily fit into a ponytail (or two!). And the most important thing is that she loved it.

I don't intend on pressing her hair very often (maybe a few times a year) but I'm glad I finally convinced myself to do it. I just hope I haven't started some kind of trend with her. I still want her to be proud of her natural curls. To be honest, I'm a little afraid that it might have been too early :~S

And besides I still think the afro puffs are cuter!

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