Saturday, May 22, 2010


Afro Puffs, Weaves, Relaxers, Flat Irons, Pressing Combs, Jerry Curl, Braids, Cornrow....There are so many ways a Black Woman can style her hair. But how much is too much for a Little Black Girl?

The other day a girl at school told my daughter (who was sporting cute little Afro Puffs) that her hair looked terrible and that she should get a weave. What kind of foolishness? Can you imagine one child telling another that they need to get a weave? Can you imagine a child with a weave?!

My heart goes out to that poor little girl. She was older than my daughter (which is also sad) and I can’t help but wonder (though its none of my business) what her mother or guardian is teaching her about what it really means to be who she is.

I pride myself in teaching my children to embrace their Blackness! I want my daughter to first be proud of who she really is. Change or enhancements are never forbidden but I want her to first love herself. Maybe I am a bit too passionate about this, but I can’t help it! When did our Beautiful Little Black Girls become a part of a culture that can’t accept Blackness for what it is? They’re too innocent for that!

I comforted my child by telling her that she should never let another individual determine her comfort level. I asked her if she liked the style of her hair when she left the house that morning. She said yes. I told her that’s all that matters: how she feels about the way she looks without anyone else’s influence.

When I do her hair I ask her what she wants, I don’t impose my own opinions about what I think looks good (natural or not). I want her to express herself. I hope more mothers choose to raise their Beautiful Black Daughters much in the same way.

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