Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reaper's Novice Release!

Today I'm excited to announce the release of a new book by my friend and fellow blog partner (at Diverse Pages), Cecilia M. Robert!

Book description:

17- year- old Ana Maria Tei’s life has always been perfect: loving parents, good grades, and a future
so bright it outshone the sun. But now words like “separation” and “divorce” are sending her world
plummeting to hell. Determined to keep her family intact, Ana plans a family-bonding trip from
Vienna to Tuscany. Except fate has other plans. Ana’s parents and siblings are killed in a car accident
on their way to pick Ana up from school.

Enter Grim, aka Ernest. He promises to relinquish the four souls if Ana agrees to trade her soul for
theirs and serve a lifetime as his novice. In order for Ana to graduate from her Reaper’s Novice
station to a Soul Collector graduate, Grim puts her to test. To her horror, she finds out becoming a
Reaper’s Novice didn’t happen by chance. It was preordained, and she is forced to make a choice:
save her family’s souls or come to terms with who she really is and complete the task set for her.

Chapter Excerpt

  The decision is made for us when low murmurs carry through the air from the path on our right. Probably one we should avoid.
  “Do you hear that?” I say.
   Zig nods, eyes trained on the path the voices came from.
  “We should take that one.” I pull him in the other direction.
Holding hands feels so kindergarten. I can’t remember the last time I held hands for more than ten minutes—other than my best friends and boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend. Quickly I shove those thoughts away. This isn’t the time or place.
  Zig pauses to take out the pouch containing the dust and marks the trail, then grabs my hand.
  This path, which is actually a room of sorts, is not as wide as the hallway we came in, but it’s about thirty feet high, lit by sconces. Shelves are mounted on the wall next to the mirrors. About ten steps into the room, the use of the shelves becomes clear. Vials of different sizes and colours rest on them.
  I slip my hand from Zig’s and inch closer, eyes glued on the vials, labelled in a slant, neat handwriting in chronological order of century, year, month, date, and hour. Peering closer, I realise they’re all empty. Something writhes in the mirror. I lean forward, my nose almost touching the shelf in front of me. Mist-like grey, nearly translucent, forms swirl in its confines. Even after Zig told me what Sinteler does with souls, I’m not prepared for the real thing.
  “Dear God, Zig, come take a look at this.” I glance over my shoulder to find Zig staring wide-eyed, mouth hanging open at the shelves opposite where I stand. As if the souls can sense us, the wailing becomes louder and they thrash faster.

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Author Bio:

Cecilia Robert lives in Vienna with her two children, has an incurable obsession with books, TV and
medieval architecture. When not working in her full time job, catching up with her two children,
writing or reading, she can be found, knitting or crocheting, taking photos of old buildings.

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