Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kobo Please :)

So, I recently came to a conclusion, that maybe should have been obvious before
But...oh, well.

I'm appealing to fans, friends and family to purchase my books from Kobo from now on. I know not everyone has the same ereader, but the good news is that, like Kindle or Nook, you can get a Kobo app for your computer or phone.

Kobo Buy Link!
You can shop with a Credit Card or PayPal

The reason I'm suggesting this is because, as a Canadian writer, I cannot publish for Nook (only through Smashwords) and Amazon (and the IRS) requires me to jump through A LOT of hoops just to get paid. Understandable, but not cool.

Kobo is (or at least used to be) Canadian and, because of this, I will get paid not only through direct deposit, but also when I'm supposed to! And after all the hard work I put into my writing, I think it's worth it.

So help me out, won't you? Purchase my books from Kobo, whenever you can, so I can reap the benefits of my hard work. And, while I'm on the subject, please sign in or sign up for Goodreads too! Kobo links to all Goodreads reviews, which makes it much better for authors than Amazon.

I'll be debuting the rest of the novels in The Elementals Series with Kobo from now on. I'll then go on to publish with Smashwords for those who prefer reading with Kindle, Nook or iPhone. But Kobo will be my home from here on in. 'Cause Kobo's got my back :)

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