Monday, September 10, 2012

Long Day...Still Going

Well, today hasn't been exactly productive. I started out with an early rise, despite a late turn in. But I was actually pretty happy about that. I think it may put an end to my insomnia!

The morning was okay. Answered some emails, did some work. Then went to drop my son off at Kindergarten with the intention of meeting some deadlines when I got back.

But the universe wasn't having it. My daughter had a little playground mishap and had to be picked up. She's okay. No broken bones. Thank goodness! She's a tough one :)

Finally got to connect online with my phone and realized that there are some serious godaddy issues as of sometime today. I use godaddy to host THREE sites. Three sites that are ALL down. Apparently the work of an annoying hacker (seriously? get a life!). I understand people have moral issues with godaddy or whatever else, but this is messing with people's livelihood. NOT COOL. Go wave your picket signs elsewhere. The world isn't perfect, so get over it. Punishing countless others for the crimes of one doesn't make you any better.

I have to wonder about the people that take the time to do things like this? Is their job? Do they all just sit around, drink coffee and eat ribs all day deciding which site to hack into next? Do they get paid to do this? Is it a hobby? What's the point? Are their lives really that boring that this is how they entertain themselves?

Anyway (though it doesn't seem like it) I'm over it :P

But that's not all.
The videos on blogger don't seem to be working either. Sheesh. Well, at least not for me. Is it just me or is there some technical voodoo going on?

So here's the casualty list: is down until further notice. also down until further notice. has been temporarily switched back to
If you know my personal email, then you're in luck and can get a hold of me.
Videos on Diverse Pages are not loading so the Book Trailers page has temporarily been hidden.

And that's that. I'll post an update when things change.

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