Friday, August 3, 2012

Adventures in Kindleland: Elemental No Longer on Amazon????

UPDATE: And we're live again. Minor disaster averted...:P

Well it seems my book has magically disappeared. Imagine

I doubt my main character had anything to do with it, though.

After a fun run with the free promo (the resulting numbers were 1042! 1002 in the US, 36 in the UK and 4 in Germany) and reducing the price to $0.99, just for today, the URL became invalid. So, yeah. The link in the sidebar, no longer works.

Boo! Does that mean I'll have to start all over again? I sure hope not. I had 11 likes on amazon, most from people I don't and I was really looking forward to reading the reviews of some of those 1000 plus customers, now they have no where to go to review my book!

I sure hope they'll find some way to let me know what they think though. Even if it's just by visiting my author page and reading this post.

I'm looking for the positive side to this little mishap. It's probably just a [highly annoying] glitch. When I find out, I'll let you know.



  1. OH no! Hopefully it is a temporary thing and they'll get it fixed quick - but this sucks. Keeping everything crossed its magically ok in the morning.

  2. Thanks, V! Back to normal this morning and sales are up :) Phew!