Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Whim.

There's this thing that's always under my butt. They call it a whim. And I just might be Queen of the Whim. I do just about everything on it. Always have. For as long as I can remember. So don't be surprised if you check out a blog entry and see I've done something new, exciting, stupid or crazy.

That's just me.

Previously on the Whim:

  • Started offering professional editing services on my website. Figured, why not? I've been doing it for years anyway and I actually really like. So over the course of 48 hours ( and on a whim) I revamped my website and turned it into a business.
  • Self-published Elemental. Like literally an hour ago. I don't think it's live on Kindle yet. I believe it's "Under Review" but, yeah, did that. I'll be sure to post a link when it's all official an what not ;)

Stay tuned, for the next episode where I'll update you on Summer Writing Word Count. I've been writing, I swear! I just keep forgetting to keep track (but you'll notice the progress bar for Adam on the Inside--in the right hand corner--has been inching up). I'll also leave you with some of those quotes I promised, but never delivered.

Hope your enjoying the summer and handling the heat better than I!

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