Saturday, August 6, 2011

Too Long

I've been silent for way too long! Even though there's not much brewing around here (except the new awesome concept I'm working on!) I thought I'd jump in and say whats up.

Summer is quickly ending and it's hard to believe! My goal is to have completed another WIP by the Labor Day. I have plotted and gotten two thirds of the way through my current WIP and I'm very excited about this one.

The WIP I completed in the spring is going to be rewritten as a Middle Grade. I've never written an MG before, so that should be interesting. I'll need to tweak a few things, but with the adorable character, I think I can pull it off.

Wish me luck! And if I don't update before, I'll see you in September.

Couldn't resist. Every time I hear that phrase I think of this song! :)

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