Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another One Down

I've just finished my latest project, Somewhere in the Middle (first draft), and am on a high! It's the first thing I've completed since Takwitara (which technically isn't done anymore since I've decided to change it up so much) and it was a whole new writing experience for me.

First of all, I started it on March 25 and completed it just shy of two months later. That's a record for me! I know it's just the first draft, but Takwitara took me...years. I owe it to the fantastic crit group I've been a part of since November 2010. I've found writing easier and a lot more fun since I became a YAFFER. It pays to be critiqued!

Second, it's completely not the kind of thing I would normally right. But to my pleasant surprise the characters were like second nature. I tapped into some childhood experiences with this one, so maybe that helped.

So now, I guess I'll go through it chapter by chapter and finish posting for crits. I'm excited about the suggestions on how to improve and will let you know when I reach the submission stage!

For now I think I'll pull something else out of my hat.

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