Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I know it's a little early to be posting about New Year's Resolutions and I generally don't do the whole resolution thing. Last year though, I made myself a promise. To finish one book this year. Finish, as in write it. The first draft, at least.

I'm happy to say that I've met my goal with time to spare. Now the challenge has intensified. I'm 30% into my second book and I'm hoping to meet a goal of two books in a year by the time the clock strikes 12 on December 31st. That leaves me with a little over two weeks to get the job done! Not too mention I'm going on a vacation on the 30th and as much as I'd like to believe I'll get some writing done while lazying away in San Francisco, I also need to be realistic!

Okay, so now that that's out of the way, lets get to the real post. Another resolution of sorts. This is something that has been flagged in my latest manuscript--edgy content. How much is too much and when it comes to what my characters are experiencing? How real can I be?

My belief is, as a writer, I'm supposed to tell the story, that's it. The characters will go, feel, and see what they will and all I need to do is relay that. It's not my job to censor their lives. My sister would say that sounds so weird because I'm creating them but most writers know that a lot of the characters we create have minds of their own!

I don't think it's possible to write a general novel--one that everyone from every background can enjoy. Whether its the most innocent of subjects or the most edgy of content. NOTHING out there is okay with everyone!

Religious die-hards hated Harry Potter while parenting groups bashed Gossip Girl. There was even a stink about Blood and Chocolate back in the day and Vivian was nothing but normal (kind!

I've decided to let my characters go and say what and where they may. There will definitely be those who aren't interested in reading based on religious beliefs, moral dilemmas and maybe even But you can't please 'em all!


  1. Kel,
    Phew, I think I need to get rolling with my resolutions too! LOL. Never too early to start.

    As far as content goes, I'm a firm believer in write what needs to be written. If a character is going in a specific direction, I let them go. I think as writers we need to be true to the story. There have been times I've taken certain things out if I've had several people comment on it. Otherwise, I leave it in.

    And thus far, I haven't found anything in your story that strikes me as going "too" far. Just write what's calling to you and you'll be all set!

    ((Hugs)). Hope you get nice weather when you're on vacation!

  2. Always be true to yourself as a writer. Seriously, the story will fall into place, as will the characters and the world you're writing them into.

    Have a great time on vacation and no worries if you don't write. You can look at it as a refresher. ;)

  3. This is a great post. Trust me when I say I can relate. There was a particular character of mine that had a strong voice. Uncensored. My husband couldn't understand how I tapped into her voice. It was even harder for him to understand that I had little control over her style or narrative.

    The main thing I learned from writing that character was how easier the story spilled out of me when I stopped trying to tell it in a way that was acceptable to every reader. THAT. IS. IMPOSSIBLE. Tell the story how you hear it, and the rest falls into place.


  4. I'm glad you ladies agree!! It's way too tough to write for the masses. Stories written that way strike me as unbelievable.

    Yeah, especially in YA, I think it's very important to stick to reality otherwise kids won't take you seriously.

    Thanks for the vacation wishes! I think it's rainy season in San Fran but it's okay. That city's too cool to have a terrible time :D