Friday, October 29, 2010

Re-drafting the Re-draft (plus! A Helpful Link)

I've just started to redraft my novel (actually its been about a week now). I think this is what? the third, maybe fourth draft.
Can you believe I've flipped back to first person! lol. It sounded like crap a few months ago but now it just works.

My professional edit was WONDERFUL . The editor gave me so many insights into what can make a good novel so much better! I've completely reworked the first five chapters and I LOVE the outcome.

Also, I don't think I've posted this but YALITCHAT is THE place to be for aspiring YA writers. The community is like a facebook for writers and its amazing. Not only are there so many nice (and extremely helpful!) people, but (unlike facebook) you don't feel guilty spending so much time there because lets face it, when it comes to certain industries, there is nothing as good as networking!

Make sure you check it out and pass it on.

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