Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So the last week has been a week of firsts for me. I turned thirty the day after my daughter turned nine and as you would have it, nothing has changed! Imagine that. Still the same old challenges.

Well except for one.

My daughter made the decision to get locks this past week too. It's an interesting and often difficult transition. I've been there myself. I had them for five years and finally opted to take them out last summer. The decision to remove them had mostly to do with my desire for constant change, but I miss them like crazy and will likely be starting from scratch again this winter.

Anyway, my little girl looks beautiful and the most important thing (that makes me so proud!) is that she feels beautiful and is proud of her new hair style. Many Black women have a hard time dealing with short hair. I know I did. I wore headbands almost the entire first year to appear more feminine. My daughter refuses to wear headbands and is completely comfortable with the shorter look.

Of course on her first day of school with locks she was asked if she "cut her hair" and I loved her response!

"No I didn't, my hair has different lengths depending on how I style it."

She knows her hair well, is proud of it, is comfortable with and proud of herself and I'm am very proud of her.

Think I may have just seen one of my first little victories!

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